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I finish my RN course at community college in Chicago, but the condition to sign student up for NCLEX exam is to pass HESI, but I did not pass HESI so, I can not take NCLEX exam. Is there any school that I can transfer my course to, where they will take all my courses, so I can have the opportunity to take NCLEX as RN since I finished all the require course to become a nurse. Or any school that will take all my course (transfer) and give me an opportunity to take LPN exam. Thanks


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You are unable to retake it? I know I will have to pass it in order to take the nclex as well...Our program pays for the first test and then if we fail we just have to pay for it on our I find it odd you only get one shot and quite unfair.

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Every school I've seen requires you to attend a minimum number of hours at that institution before they will grant a degree. Your best best is to start calling around to admission offices and getting information directly. You might try Excelsior, it's an online school.

Sorry you didn't pass :o.

usually school will give you more than one chance to pass the hesi exam. i would definitely check that one out. if you were to go to a different school, they would make you do the whole program over again. i am in the process of getting into another nursing school, because of a bit of a miss understanding. :cry:

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