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Anyone know where I can find info on Arizona nursing program/schools and pass rates? I wonder where I can find the percentile?


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For pass rates, I'm guessing you'd have to go to each school. I know the AZBON website has NCLEX pass rates broken down by each school.


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I'm sure I've seen an older spreadsheet somewhere with all AZ school results, but I can't located it now. I did find an incomplete list from this AZ BON news release and Arizona schools are doing very well in relation to the NCLEX-RN national average.


PHOENIX: The statewide first-time passing rate on the national licensure exam for registered nurses (NCLEX-RN®) for the second quarter, 2004 was the highest in the United States excluding the territories. At 93.61%, the pass rate for Arizona nursing programs graduates represents 425 (out of 454) graduates of Arizona community college and university nursing programs who passed the exam on the first attempt. This was only exceeded by Northern Mariana Islands, where one candidate took and passed the exam resulting in a 100% pass rate. The national passing rate for the same period was 88.45%. Kathy Malloch Ph.D. RN, Vice President of the Arizona State Board of Nursing and Chairperson of the Education Committee, expressed support and congratulations to all the nursing programs in Arizona for this remarkable achievement.

Just two years ago, the Board was concerned over low NCLEX pass rates posted by Arizona nursing programs and held a statewide meeting to discuss the issue with program representatives. At that meeting, the programs were asked to identify factors leading to success or failure on the exam and present a plan to improve scores. Following the meeting, based on the information shared, several programs instituted measures designed to improve a graduate's success on the exam. Steps taken by the programs include requiring program applicants to pass tests of competency in reading and math, requiring high scores on national predictor exams, and instituting high standards for entrance and progression within the nursing program. Additionally, the Board indicated that all nursing programs should strive for a 90% pass rate on the NCLEX examination.

The NCLEX-RN competency examination test is required for nursing licensure in all states. The exam is computer adapted and based on a job analysis of entry-level registered nurses. The passing standard is assessed every three years. Board of Nursing Education Consultant, Pamela Randolph stated, "the high pass rates of Arizona programs are even more significant because the passing standard for the exam was raised on April first of this year." Because of the trends seen in the past when the passing standard was raised, the Board expected the passing rate to decrease. The Board does not grant licensure to applicants who do not take and pass the NCLEX examination.

Individual programs that posted very high passing rates include: Arizona Western College 96%, Central Arizona College 100%, The Maricopa District Community College Nursing Program 99%, Mohave Community College 100%, Northern Arizona University 100%, Northland Pioneer College 100%, and Yavapai College 98%.

Board President, Alice Gagnaire RN, MHSA stated, "These test scores are a real testament to the quality of nursing programs offered in the state of Arizona. With the national and state nursing shortage, having nurses successfully pass the exam the first time around is vital to patient care. We will be able to place more nurses into the healthcare facilities to care for the patients. Congratulations to the nursing programs for all their hard work and accomplishments. Congratulations to all the new nurses."

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Thank you Kabin for taking so much time on that reply. I read it, interesting to know. :)


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Anyone know where I can find info on Arizona nursing program/schools and pass rates? I wonder where I can find the percentile?


People, you can't be too worried about pass rates...what nursing school comes down to is some hard work by the individual...nursing is so diverse and vast that you cannot possibly determine on a program alone to make you a strong advice personally is to enter any program and do the following things:

1- maintain a strong GPA (at least above a 3.0 in case you want to go to grad school in the future)

2- work hard and take the initiative when you have clinical time (this is the time to build your ever important practical skills which includes nursing skills and giving report)

3- read, read, read (on your own too)...I can't emphasize enough that the strength of a nurse comes from within....a program can only help lay the basic groundwork

4- by a NCLEX review book and work through each section independantly...

Doing the above four things will help ensure you become a solid, competent nurse that is able to take good care of your addition, the door will be open for you in regards to wether or not you would like to pursue advanced education...

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