School Nursing Experience before going through Air Force NTP allowed??

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Hey, I just graduated with my BSN in May, and will hopefully be in the Jan 2010 Air Force COT and then go through the NTP, providing my crazy recruiter gets me through ok!

My question is this: Am I allowed to get a school nursing job while I wait to go to COT? Or will that disqualify my from going through NTP? (I would hold the job for less than 5 months if I end up getting the job).

Thanks to anyone who knows! I'd ask my recruiter, but he's on vacation... again. *sigh...


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This has nothing to do with your question but my question for you is, when exactly did you begin the process to fill out your packet was it during school or after you graduated in May? I will graduate in May of "10 and it seems the only answer I can get from a recruiter, who is 2 hours away, is wait until you graduate and we'll go from there. Any info you can provide will be helpful, thanks in advance.


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I started right at the end of school, in April or so, but I know I could probably have started much earlier, and perhaps been able to go to COT in October rather than waiting until January. If you're serious about doing this, then start the process as early as you are able. Believe me, waiting around for 8 months after graduation is not my ideal situation. Keep in mind that the process can and may take up to a year.


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I'm a little late, but NTP should be for anyone with 12 months of experience or less.


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i wouldn't wait for cot. i would get as much nursing experience before you go in. i have been given three dates to go to cot and still waiting. don't quit your day job until you’re on a pane to maxwell afb :)

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