Vision & Hearing

  1. What kind of vision and hearing screens do you do? We were doing all the elementary grades but thinking about doing only the kids that teachers identify as having problems. We have an old Titmus and an out of date hearing machine that was last calibrated 10 years ago. We now have snellen charts and considering making the parents responsible for the hearing exams as part of kids normal physical exams.
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  3. by   whiskeygirl
    We use a Beltone Audiometer. I was calibrated a few months ago.
    A Snellen chart is used for vision and we use it for the children from k on up. The pre-k kids get screened using the child find program. Sometimes we use calibrated red balls, I don't remember the name of the people that created that test.
    We screen everyone.
  4. by   nurseklw72
    I am a high school nurse. We screen all kids new to the district as well as special education students. For vision, we use a snellen chart & a titmus machine. We test acuity, binocularity, muscle balance, and color blindness. We also screen the same students on hearing.