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Parents get me ! Maybe its just my school... but have you ever had kids come to the HR and say this: " My dad said that if I'm not feeling well then go to the HR and he'll pick me up" Uh duh ! If... Read More

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    I'm two weeks away from wrapping up my school nurse gig to return to my true nursing love, obstetrics, but since I'm a school nurse for 2 more weeks...

    If a student complains of a stomachache, I assess vital signs, N/V/D/C, bowel sounds, any abdominal distention or tenderness to palpation, the type of pain, and diet for the day, which frequently ends up being "I didn't eat breakfast/lunch" or "pizza covered in nacho cheese and hot wings." As long as students' vitals and assessment are normal and they don't appear to be in any acute distress, I always send them back to class. I always ask if they'd like to try to use the restroom before going back, and I've found that small offerings like giving them a few crackers if they haven't had a meal yet that day make them feel like I've addressed their complaint. I feel like a nursing student who is about to complete her degree could adequately assess for these things as well.

    This is my first year as a school nurse, so I used to fall for the "my mom said call home if I felt bad and she'd come pick me up" trick 30 minutes into the school day. After I realized it was a recurring pattern, I mailed home a letter to parents that said students will only be sent home sick if they are acutely ill. If you believe that your child feels poorly enough that he might not be able to make it through the school day, keep him home to begin with because I won't be sending him home unless my assessment indicates a medical need. Ever since then, I've had no problem. Students still pull the line on me, but I just explain that I'm sorry they're feeling bad, but their parents were made aware of the clinic policy and that they need to go on back to class.
    Thanks for the support. ANd let me just clarify that I know there is a big difference between a cna, nursing student and nurse. I know I'm not a nurse and I know that I won't be one for another 10 weeks or so... I've never claimed to be one either. I know what my boundaries are as well. However, if it wasn't for me doing " Assessments" then my student would of went back to class with his swollen lymph nodes or I would of never sent that student with the blister to the doc and have him get a dx of shingles. I'm not a nurse yet, however I do believe that the knowledge I've gained so far as a student have made me more aware and alert of things.