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  1. Hi, i am new to this site and was just hired as a school health tech sub-with the hopes of being considered for a full-time position. I will be a floating sub in a very large school district. Each of the 24 schools has a health tech on site (2 in the high schools) and a nurse who typically floats between 2 schools. I was a former 2nd gr. teacher in the district and am excited to now be in the Health office.
    I would love tips/advice from school nurses who have (or wished they had) a Health Tech that they work with. What kinds of duties could I do to make your day easier? What do you feel makes a good or valuable Health Technician in a school?
    As I said, I am a licensed teacher but have stayed at home to raise my 4 children who are now all out of the "nest." I am organized, capable and have a gentle, caring way with children. For the past 25yrs I have volunteered in the schools and also in the Mother and Baby unit of our local hospital. I was support for the mothers and babies during their postpartum support groups.
    The nurse i interviewed with said her biggest challenge is fitting the right Health Tech with a particular school, its staff, and the nurse in charge of that school. I am not worried about that, as I do well with various personalities and have never had conflicts with colleagues.
    Sorry to go on and on...but I really want to excel in this field and be an asset to the school and the nurses.
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  3. by   moreoreo
    I think you have a great attitude and certainly relevant experience! I am lucky to have a health aide at my school most days. She was already here when I started and has been a great resource for me. I think early on you will need to establish boundaries of what you should/can do as health tech vs. what needs to be done by a nurse. Being organized and a good communicator will be key as there will always be different things to do depending on the events of the day. Ideally the nurse will give you some guidance when you are subbing as to work that could be done but I think in the sub role you will have to focus on the health office visitors primarily as they are the priority over paperwork! In my district there is always an RN on site so hopefully others will have advice more relevant to your situation. Good luck!!
  4. by   ruby_jane
    My clinic aide helps with vaccine entry after I screen the record for completeness. She pulls all the kids who need to come be screened for vision/hearing/scoliosis. She gets the list of enrollees, pulls all the paper files, changes the written grade on the front, and makes sure we aren't missing anyone (even though we have an EHR, our policy states we still have a health file on each student).

    She is the primary phone answerer. I have delegated medication administration to her and she does well. If I'm with another student, she will also get an incoming student's primary complaint and a temperature if needed. But I have learned that there is a wide range of what nurses want their health techs to do.

    Is there anything you're not comfortable with? Good luck!
  5. by   OldDude
    Based on your history as a parent and working with kidlets and attitude you don't need any tips. Just continue to show up at the post for job assignments and sooner or later you'll get an offer; likely sooner than later. Good Luck
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    Thank you- your insight is helpful!
  7. by   AlliM6
    Thank you so much- your comment is very helpful. I will be ready and willing to help out in any way needed. I am sure that will vary from school to school/nurse to nurse.