Switching jobs ???

  1. I may have an opportunity to go from Elem. school to Middle school.

    What would you suggest ? I have only worked with the young kids and not sure if this would be a good move.

    Any suggestions or thoughts on this ?


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  3. by   TXNurseBSN
    When I decided to go into school nursing, I really wanted to go to the elementary level. However, I got assignd to a middle school. It suprised me how much I enjoy this age level (6th-8th grade). Yes, they can be hormonal. However, they can tell you so much more than the younger kids. They are also very concerned about their health and ask you a lot of questions. Screenings are definately easier because they can follow directions much better than the little ones. Good luck in whatever you decide.
  4. by   Heloisea3
    I taught 7th and 8th grade for several years before deciding to return to school for nursing. I have taught all grade levels and feel that junior high school is the most difficult of all grades. I definitely feel like they requested to go to the nurse more often than elementary and high school students, often just to get out of class. There are a number of reasons for this. It is a very difficult age for students. There is no amount of money that could persuade me to return to teaching middle school, but I still feel like these students are a very lovable age group. They are experiencing so many changes in their lives and aren't always able to understand or express what is happening to them. You might give it a try and see if you like it. I think you would. Good luck with whatever you decide!
  5. by   fantasie
    What grades does your middle school encompass? Ours are 5th through 8th, so it's kind of like elementary in other places. Good luck in whatever you choose, and keep us posted.
  6. by   navy veteran
    Don't move. You will regret it. The Middle school aged kids are very different. I tried it and hated it. I've been in all kinds of nursing: med/surg, psych, geriatric, home health but being a school nurse for a middle school was by far the worse job I ever had.
    But I had a very weak principal and the teaching staff would let the students come in droves to my clinic no matter how much I would educate the staff and send lists of the "frequent flyers" to the teachers. It did not help. Middle school kids try to work the system. Actually I did more psych nursing as a school nurse than when I worked on a psych unit.
    Don't get me wrong, I do love children and have two of my own.
    Good Luck,
    navy veteran
  7. by   BreezieRN
    What did you decide to do Praiser??

    I just signed on to be a Middle School nurse... I hope it turns out ok!!! I would hate to regret it. Now that I think about it, they are trying to staff this school first...I guess now I know why....
  8. by   Dimple58
    I worked for years on adult units in the hospital and the middle age group are the ones that I deal best with. I never worked pediatrics and worked a short time with the elementary as a school nurse. I felt they were so delicate and the parents would freak out over every bump and scratch. The middle will try to get out of class but once I found out who the frequent flyers were, I read them my rights. It helps if you have a strong principal at any age level and this can help the nurse as well as the teachers. I felt I was preparing the middle students for adulthood and felt I left a stronger impression on their lives. The elementary were hard to screen and I had more of them sent to me than middle students. I am starting my 3rd year with ninth graders and I love it. The only thing that I don't love is seeing pregnant girls after they've already made the choice, whereas I was able to influence the 6-8th graders. Hope you love your decision!