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  1. Has anyone been a substitute school nurse before getting a regular school nurse position? I have been trying and trying and trying to get a school nurse position and it has been hard I keep getting offers to sub though. One school nurse coordinator in a school district told me that often the best way to get the foot in the door is to sub. Well, I was hoping for something more regular as I am a single parent but I REALLY want to become a school nurse. I graduated back in May 03 with my BSN in nursing. Before that I was a pre-school teacher for 3 years. I was planning on moving out from my parents house next month but that is going to now be put on temporarily hold. (I'm 25). Well, my mom and dad has agreed to let me stay with them until next spring/summer and then if I don't have a permanent positon offered by mid-summer next year I will look for something more permanent else where.

    I have agreed to sub teach elementary ONLY as well as I am qualified to sub teach that way if I don't have enough sub nurse assignments then at least I can be in the pool for sub teaching.

    Any way, I am just curious if those who have sub before or even those who have never sub as a school nurse can give me some pointers/tips about school nursing.

    Thank you
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  3. by   Dimple58
    Hello Tonya,

    I have been an RN for 20 years in hosps/clinics and 5 months experience as a school nurse 5 years ago; and was recently hired as a school nurse this year. When you say you are always being called to sub, are you meaning to sub as a nurse or a teacher? Secondly, have you ever worked as a nurse, meaning do you have any nurse experience other than sub nurse? Usually they do hire subs first if you have been sub-ing as a nurse. Also inexperienced nurses can be hired but I think an experienced nurse looks better than one without experience. Actually, I was selected over a sub because I heard that the sub did slobby work or something but usually a sub does get in the door, if you're a nurse sub and not a teacher sub. If you also do teacher sub work, it may be sending mixed-messages that you are not a serious school nurse candidate. Are you looking at more than one district and asking or calling district nurses? I got hired at my 3rd choice which turned out to be the best choice. Are you checking and calling 2 months before school starts and ends? Maybe someone hiring and someone leaving before it gets posted online. I would get some hospital experience started as a nurse if you haven't, even if it's part time because other districts may look at experience. Are you putting down more teacher experience than nurse experience on applications? Send in applications even if you don't see positions and something may come up. Good Luck and let us know how you're doing!
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  4. by   peaceful2100
    Hi, Glolily!! Sorry for the confusion when I say Sub teaching I have agreed to sub teach when there aren't any available sub school nurse positions available that way I can have more income coming in. I love kids and have taught pre-school kids and /volunteered with Elementary school kids before.

    The sub teaching will be a new thing for me along with the sub school nursing.

    I have tried starting back in February to get a school nurse position. It is so competitive around in my area to get a school nurse position. The school nurse coordinator told me that often the best way to get the foot in the door to a regular position is to sub and prove yourself as a sub.

    I have been a nurse for 2 years. I have worked on a med-surg floor for a year and a half, and I have worked as a pediatric foster care nurse case manager for 5 months before I decided I really didn't like that because all we dealt with day in and day out where abused kids. You named it we seen it.

    I notice an inner city school district have some openings in my area and I don't mind working in the inner city. In fact when I was in nursing school that is where I did my clinicals for our school health rotation and I LOVED every minute of it which was about 8 weeks total. However, I just noticed the openings this week and I have already committed to working a long term sub school nurse job in the school district I'll be subbing for. It is the same district I currently live in and went to school from K-12th grade. In October I will be doing a 6 week assignment for a school nurse who will be on maternity leave. I am going to meeting with her and follow her next week so I can get acquanited with the health room.

    I am VERY, VERY excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!