Students with MRSA

  1. Any one with any suggestions regarding students with chronic MRSA.
    Appears to be getting better at this point, but what precauctions do I need to take. These is an elementary student.
    Any help from your past experience would be helplful.

    Thank you
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  3. by   gr8danetrain
    From what I have read, it is spread by contact only. I'm thinking all we need to be concerned about is keeping the area covered and preaching frequent hand washing. If you have physical education in your school with the use of mats or equipment of some sort, the phys ed teacher needs to be made aware of cleaning the equipment after each use by ANY student. Privacy laws may inhibit you from giving the name of the student to the teacher unless you get permission from the parent. I would advise doing that to make it easier for the teacher to pinpoint that student's use of the equipment.