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  1. Hello, I am new to this site and have found some very interesting topics to read. I work full time as a school nurse and will be moving into a supervisory position soon. I know my role well but am interested in how many of you keep on the cutting edge of information, state laws and changes when you work in different settings, such as I. I have always continued to work PRN med.-surg. and surgery in the summers this has kept my skills and hospital knowledge up to date. I probably will not do as much when these changes occur. Any suggestions for keeping current with information, changes and current law changes, OSHA...and so forth? I hope to be able to guide the school nursing staff with confidence and correct knowledge. I want the school nurses to continue to keep current on topics important to us in school as well as in the broad prospective of things. Thanks
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    I recommend that you post this question in the School Nursing forum. You'll be able to connect with others within your interest. Another forum is the General Nursing Discussion forum if you do not get much feedback.
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    I currently work in a school setting with special needs kids...I keep current by reading journals and going to school for my BSN. I also try to attend conferences whenever possible. I work per diem in a pediatrician's office and home health as well.
  5. by   sakima
    I think staying current is easy enought to do as long as you make edffort to continue education either formally or through resourses. the computer is great for that. Also your state ED department and the state school nurses association will inform you of all changes and events. you can stay current through attending confrences and maintaining resourses with near by fellow school nurses.