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  1. I am trying to update my resume in hopes of finding a PRN or seasonal summer job in the hospital. I am struggling to find a way to sum up in just a few lines what it is that I do every day! My district does not even have a job description that I am aware of for nurses! I need to keep it short (maybe about 5 lines typed) and emphasize those aspects of school nursing that apply to the hospital setting. Any ideas? Thanks!!! :bowingpur
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    OK, well I went through my department's manual and put my own job description together based on it. Anyone care to read and give any input. It is really long and I'll probably have to scale it way down, especially to highlight what applies to the bedside. But, I also want to show that school nurses are not just band-aid pushers, in case the manager is not familiar with the specialty. Any help is appreciated!

    [FONT=Arial (W1)]The school nurse is responsible for protecting and promoting the health of all students. This is accomplished by: maintaining student health records; assessing for communicable disease and arranging for the treatment and exclusion of these students; providing proper emergency care for all people injured or ill at school; serving as a health education resource to students and staff; including classroom teaching on health topics; performing specialized health care procedures upon physician’s and parent’s request (including Gastronomy tube feedings and medications, catheterizations, nebulizer treatments, tracheotomy care, or Epipen injections); administering medication upon physician’s and parent’s request; developing individualized care plans and emergency plans for students with medical issues; training selected staff to perform special health procedures and administer medications as a backup; protecting the privacy of protected health information; identifying and reporting suspected or actual child abuse cases; training staff on annually on universal precautions and blood borne pathogens; reviewing immunization records and ensuring compliance with State and Federal regulations; providing vision and hearing screening services; providing acanthosis nigricans screening services; and providing developmental assessments, including height and weight analysis.
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    Don't forget to include how much autonomy and responsibility we have, being the only medical professionals in our buildings.
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    NASN Role of School Nurse:
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    Good ideas, thank you both!
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    The American Academy of Pediatrics Position Statement on the Role of the School Nurse:;121/5/1052