1. Hello fellow school nurse friends!

    The end of my summer break is near.

    I wanted to ask the professionals:

    How do you make your life easier during registration?

    Any tips, advice, and laughs would be greatly appreciated.

    Hope you all are enjoying your summer break!

    P.s. are any of you on a year round school calendar? I'd like to hear if you love it or don't and why.
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  3. by   Avill
    Hey there,
    We get about 4 days before the kids come in. At that time I look at my immunizations and make calls. Registration for me isn't too bad since I just have to look on our system, but sharing what grades you have will be easier for others to answer since every school has a different immunization requirements.
  4. by   JustRNingAlong
    I'm at a high school.

    We designate 2 to 3 days of military registration. My first day back is on the first day of military registration.
  5. by   Avill
    Okay cool, so am I. In the HS it should be a bit easier since most of them should be up to date. In our school district the kids get Tdaps before they leave middle schools and we are running immunizations checks on our kids through most of the year.

    My registrar for years has been great. She would automatically send the students coming from out of the country to the department of health to get their shots. We now have a new one, so I'll see how it goes now lol.

    Telling your registrar to put the kids coming from out of state in one pile and those coming from out of the country in another should help.

    Like I said, we have a system in place. So I don't have to go from one kid through the next. Their immunization record gets rolled over from elem to mid to HS.

    Do you guys use a system like NursesAid or SNAP?