PICC lines??????

  1. Ok everyone, please, especially those in MA, let me know what your policies are in your school....

    I work in a private, behavioral and pschiatric facility with a day school. component. One of our 13 yo students has had a recent osteo and was released from the hosp with a PICC line. School district and family want child back in school . I said fine as long as Picc is coverd and capped. student showed up yesterday with Iv RUNNING AND ABX INFUSING!!!
    called home and was told..."you said it was ok!" :angryfire NOT! so now big controversy because i said she could come back and now am saying she should not be there with running IV.

    thoughts and comments please??!!
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  3. by   Keepstanding
    I do not live in MA, but in my school system, he would be able to come with the picc line, but it would have to be covered while in school.
    There will be no running of any drips of any kind. We feel this should be done at home and not in school.
  4. by   bergren
    Students some to school with whatever they need to attend. I have had a child on a ventilator with no spontaneous breaths, so a PICC line is acceptable for school attendance. Infusions are done in school if the med must run during school hours. Have a emergency plan inplace and get the provider and parent's feedback on it covering everything and anything that can go wrong.

    I noted your id is "LPN" - check your state nurse practice act regarding LPNs and PICC lines - they may need to get RN coverage until the line is out.