Medications and renewals

  1. so I sit here working summer school with all the time in the world to file to my heart's content - to i am poised to put away last year's medication orders from my book. But then a thought hit me after a question from the high school nurse when she took my 8th grade files: she asked me if i sought out proof that the students no longer needed orders for inhaler in school. Usually, i just let it go. I figure that I send reminders and it's up to the parents to get it filled out. PArents have 2-3 kids to mind, I have 800. I can't harp on them. End on the year old order gets filed and if the inhaler order does not get returned, then i go about my business. I do make reminder calls for epipens -1. If the parent does not act or respond, I make a note of it and move on. I figure Asthma is more easily grown out of than allergies.

    Thoughts, dear colleagues? I thought I may hold off on filing them to compare what I had and what I get in.
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  3. by   3peas
    I call on on old asthma orders. I can't force a parent to bring in an inhaler, but I document I called and if the child has an issue I will demand the parent bring it or the child can't return to school without it. I have my principal's backing on this. We have had to send out too many student's in ambulances with asthma attacks due to no meds and couldn't reach a parent. I have now remedied that issue. I don't play around with breathing issues.
  4. by   Windchaser22
    If they have a known condition and don't bring any meds or orders the next year, I send a follow up. If I hear the grass growing I send another informing them that the child will not go on any field trips without either the meds/orders or a MD note clearing them. 99% compliance.