Lock on Refrigerator at High School?

  1. I had a noncompliant diabetic student accuse someone of taking her insulin. This student consistently cheats on writing the correct blood sugar number down and has to be watched, runs high alot, misses appts, eats food in class, etc. So a retired nurse sub thinks it's a great idea to put a lock on my refrigerator. I don't b/c I have had no other incidents and the parent believes the student left it at home. Also I have 8 diabetics and I have emergencies outside and I don't want to tie up another student with not having the key. So what do you do at your school? Any thoughts or ideas?
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  3. by   Jolie
    No locks on any refrigerators in our district.

    Each health office has a refrig. Each office must either be occupied by the nurse, health assistant or secretary, or the door is locked, so the meds in the refrig are never readily accessible to students or general staff.

    All of the above have keys.

    The med cabinet within the health room is kept locked. I realize this is a bit inconsistent, however the meds which are kept in the refrig are substantially less likely to be diverted or abused (insulin, antibiotics) than those kept in the cabinet (ADD drugs, etc.)
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  4. by   chiefswife
    Not sure if you are talking about her current (open) vial of insulin or an extra, but check out the information from ADA:

    Insulin Storage and Syringe Safety - American Diabetes Association

    I have two DM students, both use a Novolog pen, and we keep their's in the med cabinet - no refrig required!
  5. by   marilyn jenkins
    we keep all refrigerated meds in a locked fridge; one other person has the key if I am unavailable
  6. by   bergren
    Locks on refridgerators is usually a state guideline. Check with your state school nurse consultant: http://www.nassnc.org/files/MemberList2010.pdf