Kindergarten Screenings

  1. Hi Everyone, I am new to this site and this is my first year as a school nurse! I currently oversee 6 parochial schools in Southwest Ohio, and so far really enjoy the job. Since this is my first year as a school nurse I have some questions about Kindergarten screenings. One of my schools has them coming up and the RN last year did not leave me any of the forms previously used. I am trying to put something together but I'm not exactly sure what all I am screening for. I know vision and hearing are both tested but other than that is there anything I should be looking for? I would really appreciate the help! Thanks!
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  3. by   Wave Watcher
    When we did Health Screenings we did:

    Blood Pressure
  4. by   Jolie
    Your state department of health or board of nursing should have someone who serves as a liason to school nurses. This would be a good place to start to learn of your state's requirements for school screenings. In many states, this information is written into law, so it's not simply a matter of what the previous nurse did, or what you think should be done. It may be a matter of legal requirements.

    Good luck to you!
  5. by   SchoolRNOH
    I'm am up to date on the State Law requirements for screenings, but since I work for a private school they pre-screen children who are applying for admissions to their school. This is not a state mandatory screening, they are also screened for emotional developement, cognitive abilities and fine/gross motor skills, etc by a psychologist, and the Kindergarten teachers.
  6. by   Gampopa
    Teeth. Definitely look in their mouths. Shocking sometimes what you will see or not see. You can also check if they are tongue tied.
    Take a listen to their heart. Listen for murmurs that the parents may or may not be aware of. Of course, over all appearance. Are the clean, dressed in clean intact clothes. I work in a rural poor area so this may not be an issue with your schools but here it certainly is. And listen to their speech. Does a referral need to be made?