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  1. I just applied for a school nurse position at my girls school. I'm very excited, but trying not to get too excited because who knows if I'll get chosen or not. I'm qualified. I'm a BSN with 12 years of ER experience so I should be good there. Now they just have to like me!

    I have so many questions. I know all the medical I'll need but it's the school system, laws, ect I need to learn. Where do you find the laws for a school nurse in each state? Do you do routine lice, vision, scoliosis screening? I remember that as a kid! How do you know what ages and how often to do those things? Do teachers and staff come to you a lot? Do you have to do newsletters, websites, teach health classes, ect. Those things I'm not confident with. What do you wear, teacher clothes or scrubs? If it's teacher clothes I'll have to go shopping!

    I would love any information, advice, websites, resources, ect you might have! Especially someplace I can review the laws so I know what I can and can't do!

    Keeping my fingers crossed! I'm sure I'll have tons of questions if I get the job!
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  3. by   Nurse ABC
    You're ER background will be an asset! The school district will give you all their policies on your responsibilities and how often to do screenings etc when you're hired so don't worry about that. If you go to the school nursing board on allnurses you will find lots of info. There are routine screenings like you said as well as teaching, newsletters, etc. It's up to your school district what the dress code is but if they don't care then you can wear either-whatever you prefer. There is tons of lice just to warn you. It feels more like a social work job sometimes than a nursing one. The staff doesn't come to us a lot since we can't do much- just little things like blood pressure checks. Sometimes I feel like I'm working on a mission field with very few supplies. School nurses have to follow the state RN laws and whatever standard protocol a local dr has signed off on and it's not a ton to learn that's different so you won't need to study that before you're hired. I don't know if there's a website for your state or not-we don't. You'll find teachers think lots of things are emergencies when they're not and things you're concerned about they aren't. Good luck! It can be a great job.
  4. by   Nurse ABC
    Sorry you are on the school nursing board! I'm sure you've read through it some to get lots of info. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
  5. by   dfs1961
    I'll be following this thread as I was just hired as well at an elementary school K-5, 550 kids. I have 5 years of cardiac/medical/surgical experience and 1 year of sub nurse experience as well as a master's degree in nursing. I am excited to start my new job!
  6. by   100kids
    Personally my school district knew NOTHING and I mean nothing about the state rules/regulation about screenings, procedures, laws regarding school health etc. so I would research the laws in your state in regards to health care in an educational setting. Contact the School Nurse Consultant in your state and they can be a great resource in helping you find information. I am in NY and there is a school health services website which has a lot of info on when screenings are required, etc.

    As far as clothing I wear regular clothes to my job at school. I think in a lot of places that is personal preference. Good luck to you! I wish I had had 12 years of experience when I started school nursing!!!