It's That Time of the Year!

  1. Okay school nurses - who has gone back to work already? I start tomorrow with institute meetings. The kids come back Tuesday for an hour.

    Today is my last day of freedom! I need to get my house cleaned and everything ready to go.

    I am looking forward to seeing my friends and the students again. I did miss them.

    Keep us posted on how your first week goes - especially with the HIPPA headache!
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  3. by   kidluvinRN
    I will be starting my new job as a school RN this Thursday. I too am frantically trying to clean and organize during my one week off between finishing my old job and this new one.

    I am excited to be a part of school nursing, but nervous too! I will be working as a 1:1 RN with medically fragile children. This is an area where I have experience in a long-term care setting. I am just wondering how it will be different at school, and what will change going from a medical setting to an educational one. Guess I'll just have to see.

    Any words of wisdom or encouragement for a newbie?
  4. by   MomNRN
    kidluvinRN -

    I too work as a RN for medically fragile children. We started today. Our school serves 150 children with multiple and varying disabilities.

    We (me and another nurse) serve the needs of a "school" as well as the needs of our kids. These include tube feedings, blood glucose monitoring, and distributing up to 85 meds per day! It can be daunting, yet extremely fulfilling.

    The kids come for 1 hour tomorrow and then a full day the following. I can't wait to see them! I have missed them.

    Good luck with the new job. Let me know how it goes!
  5. by   WashYaHands
    I got a new job, so I wont be doing school nursing this year. It feels kind of weird not going back and I sure will miss my students. I'd still like to check in on this forum though

  6. by   cpgrn
    I will go back Monday. 520 middle school children. I really enjoyed my summer but I miss some of them.