I Did a Stupid STUPID Thing. - page 2

Guys, Please please no judgement since I've already said everything that could be said to myself. Had a student with a history of cutting waiting in my office while a counselor was available to... Read More

  1. by   nur5emarte
    Please don't beat yourself up over this. Use this as a teaching experience. I have dealt with many cutters in the past. This doesn't mean the patient is necessarily suicidal. Cutting is usually a release for anxiety or a cry for attention. Most cutters are borderline personality disorder, and there is no med for this, only counseling. Most likely the best outcome would have been active listening and validation of feelings. Then schedule a session with a therapist. Don't beat yourself up, it happens.
  2. by   NotMeanJustAverage
    Wait... going to the bathroom while you're at work? That's stealing! You obviously don't have enough to do.


    I work in acute child/adolescent psych, and some days are dominated by moments of, "What the hell did I just do?!" You are obviously competent and you care. Think of this as a message from a higher power advising you to pee more proactively, and be done with it.
  3. by   Amethya
    It happens, don't beat yourself up, just do what you can and move on. You learned from your mistake and now know better.