Free Samples?

  1. I am wondering if any of you receive samples from companies? Things like sanitary pads, tampons, soaps, etc... If so, where do they come from and how did you make contact with them. Most places I have visited online say they do not provide samples. Just wondering.
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  3. by   LACA
    Always (the pad company) has a great puberty program for 5th grade girls and boys. Go to and click on the Puberty link. They sent me some little booklets for the boys, a DVD for boys and girls, and all the girls got a cool little bag with information for their parents, a pad sample, a deodorant sample, and coupons for free pads and tampons. I used the program with the 5th grade girls week before last and our PE coach did the same with the boys. It's very straightforward, age appropriate, and was a very good experience for all of us involved. Definitely recommend!
  4. by   Gum RN
    The makers of Tampax contacted ME! I am a high school RN and they said they will deliver 5oo samples to me in May. 250 pads and 250 tampons. As for soaps, my staff is great about collecting the hotel soap, shampoo etc when they travel. They then bring me bags of goodies to hand out to my kids. For samples I have a number 1-866-360-9688 ext 2252 It is the 360 youth program. They have delivered to me and the Jr. High before and it is so nice not having to stock those items out of my own pocket!
  5. by   Supernrse01
    Thank you all so much! How awesome that the company contacted you Must mean your fairy godmother is watching over you!