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from other staff or parents? Yeah me neither! ;) One school they collected money for the secretary and principal to give nice gift cards (over $100 each) and the other school they gave special cards... Read More

  1. by   Tina, RN
    Quote from RNCourt
    I feel pretty well respected here around Christmas time. I get to jump in with the staff on the celebrations. We do a Secret Santa among everyone which is pretty fun. We also have a catered lunch on our half day tomorrow. Not to mention our generous bonus...gets bigger and bigger every year! This year I had a student intern with me, she was gracious enough to give me a candle. Happy Holidays everyone!
    HOLY COW!!! You get a bonus?! And you're included in things?? Your school sounds wonderful. You are very lucky.
  2. by   100kids
    We do a Secret Santa here with all the staff and we all do a potluck breakfast the last day before vacation to exchange gifts for it. That's always nice. I have some kids and parents who bring me gifts which is always so sweet and one friend I exchange with in school. I wear a lot of different hats in my school so the parents all deal with me on a fairly regular basis so they know me really well.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas break!
  3. by   JenTheSchoolRN
    Well, my last day before Christmas here, and I get recognized with the rest of the teachers/staff with a lovely card and giftcard (and invited to the staff holiday party off-site with karaoke - fun time ahead I know as I work with some great people).

    But honestly, I am more touched by the two small gifts I got from two of my frequent fliers. They really made me smile with a small acknowledge that what I do really does make a difference to who really matters: the kids.

    Have a wonderful Christmas break everyone!!
  4. by   Wanderlust, RN
    In my district school nurses are like toilet paper... We catch all the crap and nobody appreciates us unless they are in a real bind!!

    I do feel rather left out and unappreciated during Christmas as the secretaries' (3) desks literally overflow with cards and gifts. It is also a bit awkward since my office is right in their space.

    Ahh... How I'm enjoying the break!