Attention Travel School Nurses!

  1. Hello, all you school nurses out there! Before graduating from nursing school, I always wanted to be a travel nurse. Once I got my feet wet in the hospital, I decided that I wanted to try something different that offered a different setting and work pace, so I became a school nurse. I figured by this point, I would never get to travel, since I was no longer an inpatient nurse. Last night, however, I was browsing a travel nursing website, and I discovered that there are travel assignments for school nurses! I was so thrilled!!! Does anyone out there have experience traveling to other states or regions of the country? If so, what were your benefits and pay like? How long was the assignment? Do you recommend one agency over the next, based upon your overall experience? Thanks so much!
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  3. by   Flare
    i don't have a lot of experience with travel school nursing beyond inquiring for my boss when one nurse in my district took ill and an alternative plan was needed to have medical coverage in all schools. It was wicked expensive, so we never really persued it.
    I'd say if you found something that sparks your interest, you should make some calls and try and get the scoop. Call for an interview - remember that interviews go both ways - you are free to ask them questions too.