Anyone working summer school?

  1. Hello!! I am working 14 days of summer school, but not at my school! I have been assigned to a high school, which is so odd to me since I work elementary!
    Anyway, it is a very high needs population: trachs, feeding tubes, diaper changes, most are in wheelchairs and have 1:1.
    I am doing more work this summer than during the school year! Last summer I was at an elementary school and I just read books all summer! Not this one!
    How is going for you?
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  3. by   moreoreo
    I am at a summer school at a different school as well! Just about 50 elementary to middle school students but this is a special-ed summer program so we have high needs as well--trach, severe seizure disorders, tube feed. However, due to high staff-student ratio I am not nearly as busy as I am at my school. Tube feed and assisting with toileting take up most of my day while a part of my mind is always on edge ready to run and grab Diastat. It is a month-long program and next week is our last week!
  4. by   Flare
    i'm doing summer school - it's a very slow pace here so my work is caught up and i can't start anything new because it's not ready to start yet. On the plus side i got the reading done that they wanted us to do and knocked out a few CE courses.