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Hi All:

I will be starting as a school nurse in California this August. While I'm excited to have been hired, I am also a little nervous. During the interview the school nurse I was replacing mentioned having good . As a school nurse do you fine it necesary to have your own liability insurance?

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congrats on the new will love it !! all nurse's need good !! i wouldn't go a day without coverage. school nursing is no different. please, please get the insurance.

enjoy the new job. it's a dream job for most of us :yeah:

praiser :heartbeat


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is there a particular company you would recommend getting insurance from? i dont have , never really thought too much about it. i asked some nurses i know and none of them have it either... :/

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I have mine through Nurses Service Organization and it cost about $100 per year. The website is I would never be without it. Good luck in your new job!


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I went there and it says its like 260/year with coverage of $100,000 / $300,000. Is this normal?

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I purchased my policy through NSO about five years ago. The rates are based on what state you live in and a few other criteria (new grad, full or part time employment, time period licensed, etc). Hopefully another member with post another suggested carrier for you.

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