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I am currently in a masters program for adult acute care aprn. I'm set to graduate in December of 2018. I've always thought about CRNA school but it's just never been a good time for me to apply. I'm now 25 and have a child that's 1.5. APN seems like the way to go but CRNA is always in the back of my mind, especially since I'm currently working in a recovery room. My husband is very supportive of me trying to get into CRNA school but I don't know if it's worth it to quit my job, go back to an ICU, and potentially quit APN school. I have really nice hours now and ICU jobs around here are mostly nights. Then moving my family potentially out of state for 2.5 years. I feel like crna is ultimately what I want to do but I would also feel like I was throwing away another really good education and career. And then what if I don't get in? I have good grades, a 4.0 in grad school, and a 300 on the gre, but would need to go back to the ICU and take my ccrn. APN seems like the most logical route but I think I would really enjoy being a CRNA more. Advice?


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Do you like ICU?

Do you like full-time schooling?

Do you like whiney surgeons?

Do you like cold ORs?

Do you like scrubs?

Do you like competition for both school and jobs?

I hate these things so I shouldn't be a CRNA.

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Ultimately it comes down to what career you want and what you are willing to go through to get there. Sounds like to me you are doing pretty well with a little over a year left in your program. I believe if you have any doubts at all on anesthesia school to stay your course and finish your current degree.