Scholarships cut due to finances...bummer.

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I just found out that my scholarships were reduced for the coming year due to inadequate funds available. My GPA actually has gone up, but donations are down to my school. I was hoping to atleast get the same I got last I need to figure out where to make that up.

I'm sure others have the same complaint. Things are tighter all over. I am grateful for the amount I have gotten!


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I have had the same problem, financial aid in general has been cut due to the economy


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the day care program was cut at my college; I start nursing school in less than 5 weeks so now I am looking for daycare. I am also going to peer tutor to try to make some money to help pay daycare expenses!


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I went over my max time frame this year so I've lost all my funding. Depending on the area you live, and how close you are to graduation, you might look into your local career center and ask about Workforce Investment Act funds. It goes by income and I don't know your situation, but the answer will always be no if you don't ask. I'm a very prideful person but I have to set that aside and pretty much beg for help. I graduate in May and I'm seriously about to resort to shaking a bucket on freeway offramps. LOL

Don't give up!! Help is out just have to ask a thousand organizations and you will find something. Also, many hospitals have programs in place where they will pay your tuition if you agree to sign on with them for 2 years as a full-time employee after graduation. Leave no stone unturned.

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