Schizoid Nurse... Oxymoron?


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I was having a conversation with a classmate of mine about Schizoid Personality Disorder which she has. (dxed and txed) Now, I understand the disorder to be someone who is pretty much a "loner" not because they don't know how to interact socially, but just choose not to. She says that she really doesn't feel much emotion for people or really care to have friends or even relationships. She said that she can't tolerate most people and feels that the world needs to "grow up". She also talked about touchy subjects like "population control" and putting massive doses of Chlorine in the Gene Pool and how she really can't stand how weak and pathetic most humans are. It was interesting though because as we were talking about, the way she came across didn't present itself as being "angry" but almost as if she couldn't really care less about anyone or anything. I understand that some of the things she said were meant to be humor, but almost in a way to say, "ishkabibble".

We didn't get into an argument, but I did ask her if she had such misanthropic views about the world and other people (which she also mentioned), why did she want to be a nurse. We talked about it for a while but she couldn't even come up with a good reason. She said it baffled herself at times too, but despite all those negative feelings she just has an inherent drive to take care of people even though she generally doesn't like most people.

I'm confused. Can someone help me wrap my head around this? Perhaps someone could better explain what being a Schizoid really is, I don't think I understand it correctly and perhaps why you think she would want to be a nurse even though she really can't tolerate "stupid" people as she calls them. To me she is a walking paradox. And what's even more confusing to me is that I really really think that she is going to be an AWESOME nurse. I can see that just from watching her in clinicals. She is very professional and does her job well and helps others when they need help w/o even asking. She KNOWS her stuff to a T and has even impressed our instructors on a number of ocassions (who happen to be Nurse Ratchcet I and II imho)... the only thing is she is almost TOO professional and cold. I joked with her that she would make a good doctor haha, she just gave me a look like she was going to eat my soul so I just shut up and continued with my butt wiping.

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Hmmm. Well, I am by no means Schizoid Personality Disorder, but I am quite introverted. I have often used the phrase "I hate people", meaning the general public. When I am one on one with a patient, however, I see them as an individual and can be compassionate on that one-on-one level. Somehow it is different, though I am not sure I can explain it correctly.

For example, I might look with distain on the average Walmart shopper, but if that shopper were to fall to the ground I would be there in an instant doind whatever need be done with all the concern and compassion in the world. I don't think that analogy even quite explains it! Another example, I am a school nurse, and I love my kiddos! But screaming kids in the restaurant, I'll take mine to go!

Maybe your friend sees people the same way when she is with them on an individual basis?


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I think I can understand that. I still find it strange though, but I guess it's what comes along with being a nurse. Perhaps it's not the personality you're taking care of, but the person. Of course there is that reducing of anxiety and self-image and all those other nurse diagnoses I can't think of off the top of my head... but when it comes down to it, even though holistic healing includes every aspect of the person... it's to bring them back to a state of well-being. The fact that they may or may not be a source of my scorn is irrelevant.


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From what you are describing this person is not schizoid,but schizotypal,a schizoid personality would not be expressing strong feelings of dislike or hatred towards others as they generally aresimply indifferent to either praise or criticism.Ashizotypal personality would be expressing the kind of odd beliefs you have described here,"chlorine in the gene pool " etc. There is no real treatment for personality disorders in the sense that they are able to perceive the world as you do,they can have cognitive behavioral therapy which challenges their world view by asking them to find support for their thoughts and also to provide alternate scenarios for their beliefs,but generally they retain their delusions,even when they know on some level that those around them do not share their beliefs.Personality disorderd people are provocative and draw people into their sphere by challenging them with assertions that are not consistent with what others see.You were wise to not challenge this person as you would only be drawn in and really unless you have to engage a personality disorder distance is the best defence.People who enagage personality disordered individuals often find themselves drawn into a whirlwind of controversy and argument and they are generally perplexed as to how it has happened.It is far more likely this person has a garden variety personality disorder than either a true schizoid or schiztoypal personality,but neither personality is well suited to the nursing profession.Personality disorders are developed in response to very toxic environments experienced by the individuals in childhood,with a genetic component that predisposes them to certain traits,and are thought to cost the country millionsof dollars yearly in lawsuits and employee conflicts.Avoid this individual and good luck...i am sure as you observe their interactions over the next few months you will see a lot of activity around this person and you don't want to be involved..

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