Scheduling test for Excelsior???

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Just wondering how you go about scheduling the test for excelsior. I have not enrolled yet and I am going to wait until i get most of my gen ed courses and the first nursing course done before I officially enroll. So do I just contact pearson vue to schedule or do i still have to get permission from excelsior to schedule my exams. I am going to CLEP Anal. and Interp. Literature for my first exam to get those credits out of the way.:rolleyes:

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you pay EC for the exam and then you go to the pearsonvue website and schedule it, really easy...on the MyEc page scroll down to register for exam, you will go through all the questions and they will ask for payment info, put all your info in and usually with 24-48hrs i've been able to go to the pearson vue

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You must pay on the Excelsior site and wait for authorization, then Pearson will get your information and you can schedule. Good luck.

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