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Schedulewise...any advice??

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My unit has been using schedulewise for about 2 mths & we are having difficulty adjusting to it. It seems like shift change lasts all day & it leaves little if any time for other responsibilities--care plans, comprehensive assessments, etc. I know that change is always hard; I'm just wondering how other clinics adjusted to it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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It is as you say: continuous ALL day patient turnover and that leaves very little time for anything other than assessments and passing medications. I do believe there is more change on the horizon though and I'm not sure it will help the situation. It seems as though in some areas there will be new regulations on wiping down patient areas and setting up for the next patient - such that the machine will not be able to be cleaned and restrung until the previous patient has "completely" vacated the station entirely. That's when we will be cleaning the station in it's entirety and prepping for the next patient. Seems to me it will add more time to our day! But, only time will tell, and a positive attitude and a smile will help get you through the day! Try to remember it is about patient safety and the quality care we provide!


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We are about 6 mos into schedule wise and I am right there with you. It is constant turn over. I have 4 people going on and before I know it another wave of 4 coming off and back on. I am having a hard time with other responsibilities as well and have been authorized to come in on a day off to complete. I don't like this at all! No suggestions because I'm also looking for answers. Good luck!

We have had schedulewise for about 3 months and so far I am mostly happy with it. That being said our ratio is 1:3 with one nurse unassigned who can basically bounce between staff and help with turnover, emerge dice etc. When we do not have that unassigned nurse, I find it very difficult to get much done. It'll be 11 at night and I've been in the clinic since 430 am and I'm still trying to finish K+ and Eli algorithm..


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