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I am curious from other nurses about a work related question. Does anyone know if you work doubles that are scheduled (not over time pay) does it get paid the same as working two regular shifts? I was thinking about it, technically instead of working 8 hours and being there for 8.5 hours for lunch I'm there for 16.5 hours but get two lunches. Just heads up. This isn't mandatory I choose to work doubles to be home with my son more. But what I'm wondering is will I be losing 30 minutes every shift I work a double instead of two regular shifts? Or does your employer pay you for two shifts. I hope this makes sense.

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This is something you will need to discuss and clarify with your employer as internal policies are not the same at all organizations.

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Before you discuss it with your employer it might be helpful to clarify any existing laws with the labour board in your state. Also, do you have a union contract? Even if you stipulate to having certain rights waived it might still be illegal or in violation of your contract.

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