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Hello everyone!

I was just wondering if anyone has attended, has graduated, or is currently attending Carrington College in Sacramento. I would like to know the schedule for the LVN-RN program, tips on how to get in, the grades/scores that got you in, and any feedback. Is it possible to work part-time while in the bridge program? I am currently an LVN student at Unitek College. I'm taking the bridge prereqs during my LVN program and will continue doing so while gaining a year of experience as an LVN. Any response is appreciated. Thank you!


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I've heard that they have you retake prereqs that you have a C in. I also heard that it is a full time program, but it's 8 months long. I found a hybrid program in Los Angles. It's an ADN program. 2 days online with 1 day clinical/lab a week.


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can I ask the name of the school in los angles?

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Yes that sounds like a good schedule in LA. I’m like 3 hours from there but once a week shouldn’t be too bad.

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Are they using ATI for the tests and quizzes?



May I ask the name of the school in LA? Thanks 


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That school doesn't exisit 

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