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This waiting is killing me I took the NCLEX on June 28th and still don't know, I am currently working in a facility and they are driving me nuts. They are so sure I passed and I'm not so confident. My comp stopped at 75 questions. After my co-workers found out they said they were sure I had passed. One even said only idiots would fail at 75 questions. Needless to say, if I did infact fail, I would be scared to even go back there. I should have never said anything to them. Just thought I'd vent some frustrations. Thanks for listening

Hi! I boarded on July 1, and am also waiting for results. I also had only 75 questions which were bizarre, well, some were bizarre, others were not so bad. Hang in there, mail me at [email protected]. We can endure this misery together.

Don't worry you guys. You did fine, anyone who was ever afraid of not passing always passed in the end. If the inevitable event happens that you don't pass you can always try again.(they can't pay you any less for taking the boards twice)hee hee. Don't worry so much, a watched mailbox never delivers. Ha Ha. Let us know the results.

Love, Roach

I passed!!!!!!!!! I still cannot believe it, but thank goodness! Because I also got socked with a 400$ brake job today- and pay for that on my NA salary! biggrin.gif anyway, I couldn't be happier. Thanks for the encouragement Roach!

Congratulation!!!! Go out and celebrate! You deserve it!

Nightstar :D


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