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So I finished my CNA class in May, and I've been freaking out for 2 month about passing my final state test. I took my test July 1st and I passed! (: Now, I'm looking for a job. I am handing my application in at a nursing home tomorrow where I know for a fact that I'll get the job because they are very short staffed. I am just really scared!

For clinical, we were all paired together and only had to get one person up in the morning for breakfast or only had to get one person ready for bed, but when I work as one, it'll only be me! I guess I'm just really nervous. What if I'm not quick enough? I guess I just need a little advice.

Thank you.


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You need to just allow yourself the time to learn the ropes of your facility. You are new and will be a little slower at first but it will be OK you'll learn and ask your new co workers if they have suggestions to keeping to the schedule. Don't be afraid to ask questions and ask for help when you need it. With time things will become easier and second nature for you.


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I didn't take the CNA course and applied for a waiver for passing block one of a nursing program. I say this because for the nursing program we assisted CNAs but also shadowed the nurse and passed meds. So our focus wasn't really on learning the daily routine and time management of the CNAs. When I started as a CNA I was terrified and thought I would be so slow and felt like I didn't know anything. But it actually wasn't that bad. I had 5 days of orientation with the option to get more if needed. I was ready to go by the 4th day. So try not to worry too much. You will get floor training by other CNAs. You will still be a bit slow and need help for a bit after your orientation. But over time you will learn each residents needs and be able to make yourself a routine for each section of the unit you get placed on. For my facility, we have 4 sections with a CNA to each area. 9-12 residents per section depending on census and a hadnful of lifts and total cares per section. Not too bad compared to some other places. It took me about a month of working to get a routine down and to know the preferred care times and needs of each resident. Now its a breeze. You will get there too. It seems scary and hard at first, but its actually not as bad as your mind makes it seem.

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You will be shadowing an experienced CNA for hopefully a few days anyway. Ask that person to allow you to do the care as much as possible.

Here's what to expect in the first weeks of your new job at a LTC facility:

You will be exhausted sore and completely overwhelemed!

You will wonder what the HECK you got yourself into.

You will be slow and feeling like the tasks expected are impossible to complete ontime.



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You are new and will be a little slower at first

Well is that an understatement! I am a shiny brand new cna (as another member commented) too. A little slow is a nice way of saying at a snails pace. I had clinical like you following someone not really doing much on my own. I am temping at a rehab/nursing facility to get some experience. The staff has been great. During orientation a cna is watching me instead of me watching her like clinical was. Take your time and learn learn learn. If you are allowed more orientation days and you feel you need them TAKE them. If you don't get it ask again, watch again, or whatever it takes to get it. I haven't "got it " yet but I'm still asking. So I don't have much more advise than that because that's what I'm up to. I am going in on Thursday and have to remind myself to be patient with me so I don't let it beet me. Be nervous but let your guard down to learn how to be a GREAT CNA....:cheeky: