Save a vacation day off for May 5th!

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There are strong rumblings as the grassroots level...

that you all may or may not be aware of!

Are you worried about patient safety?

Do you think "Joe Public" really knows

what the profession of Nursing is all about?

Are you frustrated with mandatory overtime?

Do you think the public is aware of the

consequences of current & future nursing shortages?

Are you exhausted from unrealistic Nurse:Patient ratios?

Were you educated to be a Patient Advocate--but find it increasing difficult to be one?

Please keep your eyes & ears open for a nation-wide gathering of nurses this May, focused on patient safety and other nursing issues! And please, plan to join us!

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I've saved and put out feelers to others for 5/5/2001. What we'll be doing and where we'll be remains to be seen, but nurses are beginning to organize in different areas and on this board. In Illinois area, check out the website for (and I don't know how to do links, here!): and join. Lets keep it up all over the country!

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teamrn, thanks for posting the Chicago info.

All you have to do to get a website address to be a link is to have the whole address, the key part is including the http:// prefix.

For example, with the http:// prefix:

without the http:// prefix:

Hope that helps!


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