Saunders / ATI and the NCLEX-PN


Hi :o

I'm taking the NCLEX-PN on Sept. 6 and like everyone who has ever been in this situation, I am scared and I feel extremely anxious. I graduated with grades around 80s and 90s this past June. I've been studying for the past 2 months (heavy study for a month). 100-400 questions a day from Saunders and ATI and reading the rationales, over and over again. Did a lot of reading using the ATI books and some school textbooks. Read strategies from Kaplan and NCLEX-RN "made Incredibly Easy!" book. My usual scores on Saunders 100Q (random - all contents) exam are around 70s and 80s and 75-90's on ATI. I got a 96% chance-of-passing on my ATI predictor for the exit exam. I feel like I have to be a pharmacist to remember all the drugs asked in the NCLEX and I get a lot of "AAAARRGHH-Why Can't I remember this?!" moments - I am scared to death.

I took a peek at the 2011 passing rate for the NCLEX-PN and felt slightly relieved but still EXTREMELY skeptical. 80%+ passing rate for first-time NCLEX-PN takers is pretty high but still...nothing can relieve me of this uneasiness.

Is this usually the case or would all my knowledge just go *poof* the day of the exam?

And I'm just curious, how well should I do on Saunders to actually be ready for this exam?

Thanks :idea: