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Saudi Recruitment Office Delegation august 2014


I'd like to ask if you haven't been issued a LOA does it means you are hanging? I already passed the exam/interview last friday and yet I was not yet given Letter Of Appointment? They told me that they will go to Zamboanga and then wait for the first week of September for the txt of SRO. Im bothered with my situation right now. Is there some one here who has been interviewed and left hanging and said to wait for the text? August 22,2014 SrO Delegation... :(

Hi! I'm from Zamboanga, yes SRO is coming here this week. My exam and interview will be this August 28. I'll update you if they will give us LOA if we pass the exams and interview..In shaa Allah.. ************** for KAMC Jeddah *********** delegation ****.. keep posted :)

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all right dear thank u so much, actually ********* SRO Makati Jeddah KAMC is closed ********* for us is either ********(province) Al Qassim, Al houfuf... or mejo malapit lapit sa Siyudad like Jeddah, Taif, Makkah, Madinah etc. we'll see give us update thanks so much

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yeah I'm ex-saudi... Give us update if they will give LOA right away, neither of the nurses here (August 22, 2014 Batch) in SRO was given and was told to wait for a text first week of September. Thank u, Inshallah all will be good!

ok.. i'll keep you posted. :) :)

hi..dear! yes they gave us LOA tight away..but upon signing the contract, I turn down the offer.. its half compared with my previous salary in moh.. im an ex icu nurse and will be assign sana sa icu dn but they offered me basic of 3,5sr..2 yrs contract..but annual vacay.. the thing that dismay me is that there will be no increase after the renewal of contract pa..this is by the the way under HOP.. goodluck on your career! may this help your question..about the LOA :)

dear sro txted me already, inshallah my LOA will be good! Bisnillah! Thanks for updating us

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Ok English then. Hi guys. Is there cash allowance in MOH hospital every month on your first three months in MOH when you arrived there? Salary can be received after 3 months there right? So is there cash allowance during first three months in MOH? Aside from free foods given by MOH every week there?? How much is cash allowance during first three months in MOH?? Will I receive 50 % of my salary offer when I arrive in MOH hospital? ? Is that true?? And with regards to Philippine COE... is dry seal and both signature of chief nurse and medical director really required?? Or it is okay even if only sign of medical director and even if without dry seal your COE of your hospital from Philippines?? Please reply....

hi there..im new here..juz wana ask questions on how would i know if i am selected at the SRO delegation...i submitted my requirments at POEA already and had my orange card with me...juz checked the web and according to them there will be a tentative delegation this oct 3rd week..aside from txt coming from them what are the other ways i can be notified? thanks in advance guys..