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Santa Fe College ASN Fall 2020 Hopefuls


Hey everyone! I'm making this discussion board for everyone applying to Santa Fe's ASN program (Gainesville, FL) for Fall 2020. This is a crazy time right now, with the school shut down because of COVID-19. Do you think we'll have our first semester of nursing school on campus, or online? List your points below as well!

Hey guys!! I just applied to the program a couple of days ago and I am super stoked about it! I have 55 points and I am crossing my fingers that it is enough to get me in! I’m hopeful that our first semester will be in the classroom and not online!

I was just looking at past discussion boards, and it looks like the cutoff for last Fall was 51 points, and the cutoff for Spring 2020 was 53 points. I may be wrong, but I would guess there would be fewer applicants this time around because they moved up the application deadline. A lot of people probably decided they didn't want to squeeze those prerequisites into a 6-week term!

I applied for the ADN program for fall, but I don't know the points that I have. Can someone tell me how I know the points ?

Thanks for the info!

I figure out that I do not have enough points 😢

How many points would you have? You might want to still apply. Even if you don’t get in this time, you will have 5 extra points next time for previously applying.

I have 38 points. What is the overral GPA I'm confuse with that and with the prerequisite GPA

I dont think that is enough !! 😢🤦‍♀️

The overall GPA is your GPA for all college courses completed. You can find that if you log on to eSantaFe, then go to "Records", then "Transcripts", then click "View Unofficial". Scroll down, and you will find your overall GPA as "ALL COLLEGE CUMULATIVE".

Your prerequisite GPA includes only the grades you made in: A&P 1, Microbiology, Algebra (or Statistics), Psychology, and English composition.

So, I wrote before that you get 5 points for previously applying, but I actually don't think they do that anymore.

Ohh 😮 God I'm sad 😔 right now, I was waiting for this since last year and now I know that is going to be impossible for me to get in the program. Thanks 🙏 for help

Di you know how long will be take to them send responses ?