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Ashraf Syed

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user123476 said:

hey guys are any of you able to add nursadn 1 its not coming up on my delta  

I am having exactly the same issue, I don't know what we can do about it. 

kaitlynt said:

Would anyone be able to create a facebook group for those who have been accepted into the program? I think it would be very helpful to discuss any concerns in the student information packet!

I totally agree, if someone is able to make a group for us, that would be helpful !


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I emailed them they said nursadn 1 and 2 will be available by the end of today! 


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Those of you that got in, how many points did you have?


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Which schedule did you guys pick when registering for nursadn 1 and nursadn 2? It's kind of confusing

Ashraf Syed

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All are the same schedules. You have to pick basically which clinical site you would like to go to, when choosing from the 4 options in the schedule. Our packet in the email has more info on this. 


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Hello Everyone,

I have created a private facebook group for our cohort (San Joaquin Delta College 2024 ADN) The link is:


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Hey everyone,

Those that got accepted, what score did ya'll apply with? I wasn't able to submit my application because they didn't want to recognize my AP English score, so I took college composition Fall 2023. I should be applying with 84 points in Spring. Was wondering what my chances are. Thanks.

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