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Hey there! Is anyone else applying for Delta College's nursing program for Spring 2019? This is my first round of applications so I'm really anxious and excited at the same time. What are your stats? I am also applying to American River College in Sacramento Ca where I live. Best of luck to you all!

I'm also applying to ARC ( second time) since I live 10 minutes away, but I'm getting a little restless, so I'm applying to delta as well. The commute would suck, but I just want to get this over with.

ARC is my first choice because I live 20 mins away. I went to delta previously but I wouldn't want to make that commute either. If I get selected then I'll make it work. I'm so nervous about not getting selected even though I know it could be likely. I don't want to wait for Spring apps to open because I'd have to wait all the way until fall.

I am also applying to delta college.this is my first application period with delta..I applied in merced before but couldn't get in so I am really anxious too..

i am really confused with some points of application..just let me know when u guys are done with urs so i can ask u some stuff..


you can only submit your FIRST passing grade in your prerequisites?

For example, I took anatomy and got a C... took it again and got an A... I can only apply with my C correct??

Need a friend lol

I was confused about that as well. I took anatomy at Delta back in 2014 but they offered the class separately. I retook the series over here in Sacramento but they offer it together. I got a C in 2014 but an A in the first portion last year. I think we are supposed to enter in the passing grade and on the next page it asks for repeats I believe. I haven't gotten to the next page yet.

You would use the C grade because that's your first passing grade :)

Is anyone else having trouble moving to the next page after criteria 2A of entering the science prerequisites?

no...?? i was using my google chrome browser and had to minimize the page in order to see the application.

is that what youre talking about

i was having the same problem..i tried minimizing the page but didn't work n then i opened on my i pad and it worked

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