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San Jacinto LVN Program

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Is anyone taking this program right now?

I'm returning to (another) college this summer and I'm retaking some classes to try and get A's (one I have a C because it was my first semester and I never went to class and the other's are B's but I only have 2 more pre-req's to finish, incase I want to do RN or Rad Tech, and 2 semesters until I can apply so I figured I might as well try and retake some classes and get A's to increase my chances).

Is it easier to get into the ADN program if you have your LVN already? Can anyone tell me a little more about the LVN program?


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Hi Im applying to san jac for the spring 2010 lvn. Did you have to take the hesi test, and how was the acceptance/ranking process. I took the HESI today and made an 85, but Im supposed to start the Blinn lvn pgrm 8/31. But I live in houston, and hoping I can get in san jac, before I pass up a great opportunity. Have you applied?

Hi I am trying to get in the San Jacinto LVN Program because I think its easier to get in when your already an LVN Pls. give me info about their program?

Thanks in advance!

I was accepted into the LVN program for fall 2010 at San Jac. I'm still waiting to hear back from HCC about their ADN program to know if I was accepted there as well. If I got into HCC then that is where I'm going to attend. It's a little frustrating dealing with both schools until I know where I'm going.

I thought it was fairly easy to get into the LVN program at San Jac. They didn't have ANY prerequisites and you didn't even have to take the HESI. My gpa isn't the greatest but I have A's in all of my health related classes.

I have heard that it is easier to get into LVN programs as opposed to ADN programs so thought I would try it both ways just to see. I hope that if I get my LVN from San Jac that it will be easy to get into their LVN to RN program.

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