San Jacinto College (San Jac) Fall 24 LVN

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It's been a little over 2 weeks since the application deadline . Has anyone received an acceptance email for the fall 2024 lvn program? 

I received acceptance this morning! Check your email! 

Not sure if anyone is creating a Facebook page. 

Was it for the south campus ? I haven't rcvd anything yet now my nerves are 100x worse LOL 

I did apply for south campus. I'd suggest maybe looking at your San Jac email and your personal one or to save yourself the stress calling sometime today. Good luck!

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I received mine Thursday,accepted

Congrats! Which campus will you be at? 

I can't find much about the San Jac program on here. I can't wait to find out more about everything. 

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Thank you, I was accepted to south,How about you?

I'll be at South as well 😊

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Yay!, hope we get to be in the same classes.

I'm still waiting. I only applied at North. I'm spazzing. 

Yea they definitely got my anxiety thru the roof !

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You might want to email or call, because we are supposed to turn in drug results by tomorrow. This is for San Jac South.

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