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Starting this forum for the LVN program Fall 2018.

Have you applied to san jac for the LVN program?

And have you taken your Hesi?

Thank you for creating this thread :)

So do think you might get into san jac?

I hope so! Did you apply to Sanjac south, north or both? I applied to south. I heard the application deadline to north has been extended till the 20th.

Do you know if there is another thread going on?

Hey, i applied to South only, because they said i was a strong candidate. But maybe I'm putting all my eggs into one basket.

But I know some people apply to both. Which campus did you apply to? And I saw that they extended their application at north, i wonder why?

I really hope I get in, and I wonder when we start finding out who did?

I applied to South only too. When I went up there to turn in my application I was told that we would hear something by the first week of May.

Waiting until may is going to be hard!!!

I wish you the best of luck, and I hope you get in too.í ½í¸€

This is my second time applying, I tried to apply back in the spring but Harvey happened.

Did you do good on your hesi?

Harvey yikes! yeah not a good time to start nursing school if you were impacted by Harvey to be honest. I hope you get in as well. I did ok on my hesi first time around and I've completed both A&P 1&2 along with the other courses to graduate with an AAS-LVN Degree if accepted. How about you?

I am jealous you got your both your Anatomy classes done already.

I signed up for anatomy 1 this summer and i have my nutrition class finished!

I think it will really help to have those done since i am still wanting to work acouple days a week and go to school.

Were you planning on working and going to school?

Who you taking a&p1 with? If you don't mind me asking. That's great! I haven't taken the nutrition class yet. I'm currently working part time and I'm hoping I can continue to do so if I get accepted into the program but I'm not too sure what the hours are going to be like.

I'm hoping other applicants will join us on here. Lol!

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