San jacinto college central adn program spring 2016

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Is anyone applying to San jac centrals adn program for the spring of 2016? Just curious about the minimum gpas normally accepted as well as hesi scores.

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If you're referring to San Jacinto - in Texas, you may have a better response rate if you post in the Texas forum (under "US" in the yellow banner).

I applied to the ADN program at San Jac for the spring. I don't know how they go about choosing the applicants they want to accept as far as gpa and hesi are concerned. Wish I could be more helpful.

I applied also. I am so nervous my GPA is 3.19 and comp hesi score was 92.

Mines a little lower. It's a 2.8 and my hesi score was a 90 so I'm nervous as well. Have you heard any news on when we should hear something?

Should be another 2-3 weeks :(

Gosh the waiting game is terrible! Do you know what you're going to do if you don't get accepted? Just reapply next time around?

Yeah I've only taken a few prereqs for bsn so if I don't get in I'm going to take the two semesters to finish them and reapply to north and central for fall. You?

I was thinking about applying to the lvn program since it's easier to get into and doing the transition from lvn to rn program they offer but I would take some classes to raise my gpa in the meantime and apply to both the lvn and rn program.

Hopefully we don't need those back up plans though, good luck!

Hi there! I also applied to the Sanjac 2016 ADN program.

Has anyone heard anything yet?

No I heard lvns got there acceptance letters today. They said 5-6 weeks and tomorrow will be 5 weeks :unsure:

Hopefully we hear something this week!

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