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san francisco new grad RN

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forevergreatful is a ADN and works as a RN.

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Where do most people start off if they can't move away. Single mom and my support system is here. Im from the bay area and just passed my boards on the 5th. I have an ADN which seems to make it harder. Do anyone know of any where that will possibly considering hiring a new grad in the bay area.

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With an ADN, you will more than likely be limited and not be able to apply to major hospitals such as CPMC, John Muir, Kaiser, Stanford, the UCSF hospitals, etc..  These hospitals usually require a BSN or higher for entry -- and that's if they have a new grad residency because they typically like to hire those with some experience already.

You may want to start off with SNF and get some experience.  As soon as you can, start to make your way to earning your BSN so you'll be more competitive.  The Bay Area is a tough market to crack.

Good luck!

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