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San Diego State Univ BSN program ques

I was told that they don't have a waitlist, but they have a point system based on your prereq grades, TEAS test, and past experience. I was wondering if they take waiting time into account at all? What if someone has been waiting for a couple of semesters, but there is an outstanding student with A's on their prereq grades with some grades still pending, who will get presedence over who?

I ask this because I am doing really well on my prereq grades (A in OChem, A in Phys, A in Bio with other prereqs pending) but it just doesn't seem fair to someone who has been waiting for awhile if I got in right away. Is this how SDSU points-based system works?

Nobody is on a waiting list at SDSU (really), so how could waiting be taken into account if nobodys waiting? If there is no waiting list, how can someone be waiting for a couple semesters? Each semesters selections (based on highest points) does not have anything to do with who did or did not get selected (based on highest points) say, three semesters ago. Does this help at all?

yeah, i was in that BSN program, and it is just based on those things....

do your best and hope you get in...

if for the semester you apply everyone else has better scores, experience and grades, then sadly you dont get in...

even if u have applied several times but did not make the cut. its competitive and people are all working to get in...

sucks in all with the nursing shortage.

and then after working so hard, the program is really hard!!! the first thing they say in orientation is Congrad's you made it to the front door!!!!

good luck, wish u the best:up::nurse:

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