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San Diego native looking to come home

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Hi everyone, I have a question about what a "New Grad" is? Is this a term used in general to describe all new RN's or does it apply to grads with little or no healthcare experience? The reason I ask is that I'm graduating from an ADN program near Atlanta on Dec. 11th. I've been a paramedic with the Atlanta Fire Dept. for 18 years and am originally from San Diego. I would LOVE to come home and begin my second career after passing NCLEX in January, but after reading some threads here it appears a bit discouraging with regards to the difficulty some people are having getting a position. Anyone have any advice or words of encouragement for this "Old SoCal Native?" Thanks, Padre

Faeriewand, ASN, RN

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I think that with your paramedic experience you would have no problem finding a job once you get your CA license. Just check out the jobs on the hospital websites and see all those jobs available for nurses. I know some say there is no shortage here but the websites tell a different story.






Remember Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa? They are owned by Sharp now and have really expanded, largest in east county now with a new emergency.

Congratulations on your impending graduation. :)


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Faeriewand, Thank you so much for your reply and words of encouragement. I'll most definitely take a close look at the opportunities available on the links you provided and hopefully something will come my way once I have passed my nclex exam! Thanks again, padre

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