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I will be moving to San Antonio next May. I am wondering if anyone has any info about the area, and the hospitals. Is there a nursing shortage? Any nursin intership/residency programs???

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Stick to the north central or northwest side. They are building brand new hospitals on the northwest side where all the new housing communities are. I am not sure which hospitals have internships however check into Methodist, Baptist and Christus Santa Rosa healthcare system websites. San Antonio is a beautiful city with alot of culture and a good nightlife. I think you will really enjoy it when you decide to move! Good luck in your search!

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I agree, San Antonio is a great place to live - it was my hometown prior to relocating to Houston a hundred years ago.

I highly recommend CHRISTUS Santa Rosa. You didn't say what clinical area you are looking for, but they have a top-rated Children's hospital, as well as all the usual acute care service lines. They will be opening a brand new facility on the West side in the Spring of 2009.

Let me know if you want me to hook you up with their nurse recruiter.

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I will be also moving to SA next summer. I was wondering if you wanted to maybe help each other out in researching the area and nursing opportunities available together. I will be moving from the St Louis area. I have some family in Texas but not in SA. I'm also wanting to make some connections so my transition will go smoothly. Thanks

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