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I am currently a nursing student in Alabama and will graduate in May. We will be moving to San Antonio in July and could use some advice on the best place to work as an RN.

I would like to know the starting salaries of the hospitals in the area for new graduates.

Thanks for the help!


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:cool: Hello! I live right outside of San Antonio and I'm going to school there. There are LOTS of hospitals to choose from in that city. As far as being the best, I'm not sure about that. I have a class with 2 people that are aids at Northeast Methodist and they love it there, but there are several to choose from. The newspaper is San Antonio express news. click on the website on Sundays, that's when all the hospitals advertise for help. Hope this helps!:)


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Look at the hospital system's own websites for job opportunities: for Baptist or for Methodist system and for Santa Rosa's website. Some of them allow you to apply online or download application. You could call the hr or nurse recruiter for a guideline on pay for GN. Hope this helps.

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