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Hello Everyone,

Im stating my CNA classes on the 17th at Samland Institute of Allied Health & Technology. I was wondering if anyone took the CNA course there so that i could get some insight on what to expect or just any advice that you can provide about the institute so that i could have a heads up.....:nurse:

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Samland in Chicago?

******** was my CNA instructor at another school and I believe she still works at Samland in Chicago. She's a great person and a very good instructor.

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Yeah im talkin about the samland in chicago....and thanks


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Was looking into Samland / Chicago CNA programs and was wondering how its going? What are the prospects like after graduation?


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WARNING TO ALL POTENTIAL STUDENTS OF SAMLAND INSTITUTE! STUDENTS ARE STUCK IN LIMBO WHILE STATE INVESTIGATES PROGRAM at 101st Western, Chicago location....just finishing 5th week of CNA program and completed the final exam which I passed; one more clinical class to go to complete program when instructor informs us on May 24, 2012 that the state of Illinois is investigating the school due to complaints and has found that their program doesn't meet the requirements. State found instructors are guilty of cutting program hours about 50%, not providing required educational content, falsifying attendance sheets, incorrect student to clinical instructor ratio, and students failed most clinical skills when tested. The state actually sent one of their own in to investigate. Currently our class is not being allowed to proceed. Their new starting class has been canceled. School is not providing any answers and doesn't return phone calls to us students.

As a student in this class I can assure you that all of the above is accurate. These instructors show up almost an hour late for every class, take excessively long lunches, and dismiss class hours early. Students don't say anything for fear of instructors position of power to fail them. Administrator of school is around to see what is going on and does nothing. Majority of students in the class felt instructors were rude, ignorant, and demeaning and didn't care about instructing. Word is out that school has a lot of complaints. The other locations have complaints too. If our class can't proceed than we students have just wasted about 70 hours for nothing. I am posting this because I seen others on this site have posted about Samland and I want to warn others about the situation going on at this location. I may end up losing my money and time invested but I can at least try to make others aware. I wish I would have had a warning about this school before it cost me my money and my time. I would advise that you attend a program elsewhere because if this school was okay the state wouldn't be investigating and ordering them to cease their program. Don't know how other locations are but the fact is that all locations are owned and operated by the same group of people. If they would allow this to happen at this location then stuff is probably happening at the other locations as well. There are 30+ students in my class that are now sitting in limbo because of this and there is nothing we can do about it.

A good school would not even be involved in something like this so consider this if you are thinking about going here.


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Cnaclassinlimbo can you send a private message,have a few questions


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Hope you see my reply posting on your other posting. If not look for it by searching for Samland on the site. Couldn't pm you because I'm new here and haven't had a chance to do the required 15 new postings that would allow me to pm others. Will get to it soon though. I can read the messages you send me so please find my reply post to you and answer my questions too if possible. Thanks!


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Cna class limbo i spoke to one of the owners of cmk healthcare training center and they stated that if you want to take your cna class at any one of their locations. They will offer you a discounted rate of $499. Tell your classmates and just contact them. Go to for more info about school.This discountm is only available for students from your class and is oly good until august 2012 and you must show proof of attending samland