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Salter School of Nursing Manchester

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Has anyone gone to The Salter School Of Nursing and taken the LPN Program? I am intrested in it and just trying to find out what people think of the school if they are in the program or have been in the program.

Sorry I can't help, but I'm also trying to find "reviews" on Salter before I go that route. Not much luck as of yet...


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Sorry I can't help, but I'm also trying to find "reviews" on Salter before I go that route. Not much luck as of yet...

Same here. And the weirdest thing... Two weeks ago there was a website and now it's like Salter school never existed...

I went with a friend of mine to salter for her to retest for her license. It's really nice there. I'm also looking for a lpn program and salter was one of my first choices, but their evening classes start at 3:30 and won't work for me.

I will be starting their LPN program this Summer, I have done some research on the school, they are accredited and to my understanding you can transfer you credits from their degree program to the Manchester Community College RN program.

Hope that helps!

Sorry I can't help, but I'm also trying to find "reviews" on Salter before I go that route. Not much luck as of yet...

You can find specific information on every nursing school in NH on the NH Board of Nursing website. They have pass/fail rates listed also.

Go to a different school. You FAIL if you don't get a 80 to pass any class. So if you have to retake a class it will cost you again. Some people get special treatment things get changed as they go. People that go to school there hate it. You can hear students talk bad sbout the place. Some teaches are great but other not.

I'm starting my LPN now. They are disorganized with paperwork, but Manchester, Southern NH in general has few options without a very long waiting list or a year of prereqs. They will take you and if you put in the effort, it is a good school most of the students seem quite happy. Just my opinion.

Some people don't have the time to take three years for Tech or good enough grades for Jt. Joes.


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I`m trying to figure out whether or not to go to salter in july or necc in mass next year. I wanty to make sure i can go on to rn or even bsn.

I am a recent graduate of Salter School of Nursing. I do not want to bash the school and risk slander, but I will say do not trust everything they tell you. When you first apply they will tell you that you will be able to work full time and they will work around your schedule. They also tell you that you will have the option of having clinical rotations on Thursday and Fridays so you can work at least every other weekend. They have no concept of the student having a life outside of school. So if you have to work, and your work will not work with your school schedule then I would not apply. Also it seems like the teachers are made to teach to test provided by the book manufactures. They read word for word from power points without any elaboration. Some of the teachers (mainly the non nursing classes) have no background in the subject they are teaching. The teacher might know enough to get by in the subject, but might not have a true grasp on the subject. As far as transferring credits call the school you plan to transfer to and make sure. Remember LPN is not a degree. It is a license, so a lot of school do not accept the credits. Even MCC says they have a transfer contract with Salter, but that is only for the nursing program. If you wanted to change majors for some reason the credits will not transfer. Do your research before making plans, don't just assume. Last but not least is the disorganization. For anyone who does end up going make sure you make copies of EVERYTHING you turn in to the offices. Anything they make you sign make sure you have a READABLE copy! Things tend to get lost and it will save you a lot of headache.